Reduction and Pain Management

Using the Wisdom of Your Mind

When it comes to pain and discomfit, no two people are exactly alike. There are many factors that are involved in the wide range of responses or behaviours around pain. These behaviours whether emotional, physical or spiritual depend upon an individual’s history, family dynamics, genetic makeup and beliefs. Some factors that may diminish one person’s pain may be to another person overwhelm, shock or trauma.

In Clinical Hypnotherapy we can begin to change the course of a client’s thinking, feelings, awareness and responses to their illness or discomfit situation. (Doctors Referral needed). In the initial consultation I have the privilege of watching many clients transform when they become aware that relief IS possible. It takes less effort to relax and allow change in their thinking to expand, opening up to unlimited possibilities for better health and to trust in the healing process that the mind-body connection can provide. The healing process can become a catalyst for other profound awakenings and indiviuals,families and communities can benefit greatly from an increased learning of how to heal.

Hypnosis proves to be a deeply sustaining and uplifting experience.

  1. Step one is to teach basic stress reduction techniques. Past experience with clients has shown that fear or the anticipated future pain (usually imagined as much more intense than the actual pain itself) needs to be addresses at the onset. Just the thought of the pain creates more stress, which causes tension. The tension itself results in the client experiencing more of the very pain we are attempting to eliminate. The “fear/tension/pain” cycle continues until I teach the client how easy it is to break that cycle by utilizing basic stress reduction techniques.
  2. Step two is teach every client self-hypnosis and stress reduction techniques in our first session which helps them feel extremely empowered afterward and more important, feel better when they leave my clinic.

Future consultations are used to teach effective pain management techniques to use when needed.

Always, the objective is to give my client effective tools to return to some normal functioning frame of mind, to go home with an armoury of techniques they can put to use immediately. Another reliable Therapy tool is a CD which when used often gives deep hypnotic feelings of safety, comfort and relaxation freeing the mind towards sleep while releasing the nervous system from its daytime boundaries.

Acknowledgement: Peter A Levine PH.D. Teresa Van-Zeller –

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