Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction

What and When to change for Weight Reduction

You are reading this today, because over-eating is an issue YOU want to resolve. Wanting to resolve this issue is the first step towards getting the outcome that YOU desire. Hypnotherapy is all about change towards your desired outcomes and goals ……and it’s so easy – all you have to do is RELAX.

Every diet you have ever been on, asks you to change – it asks you to change your eating habits, until you have lost some weight – and the rest is up to YOU.

The motivation to exercise is up to YOU. The cessation of too much alcohol is up to YOU. The feelings of emotional upset around food – well, it’s up to YOU to change the way YOU feel. Do you eat because you’re bored, angry, or have chocolate cravings? Perhaps you’re frustrated, stressed, unhappy in relationships, lonely… or this is a reward for a hard day?

Eating unconsciously when socialising, working, watching television or snacking because it’s there….. well, it’s all up to YOU to change, isn’t it? Eating behaviours always have an underlying reason for being, and generally start as a younger YOU.

In hypnosis, I will take you back to times when you made decisions about your health. This regression helps the mind “grow up” after having resolved the reasons for keeping you “stuck” in the thoughts and feelings of the younger, less experienced YOU.

Many clients come to me for what they describe as a sugar addiction, food reward addiction, emotional eating, stress or boredom eating. Quite often, the reasons behind this eating behaviour are not always recognised until we have our first discussion on what feelings are happening around food.

Change needs to start immediately, with a decision to be free of the things that are confining your chances for freedom of choice. That is, YOU choose to break the patterns starting with the words YOU use to talk aboutYOURSELF and YOUR behaviours.

“Thin” is a wonderful feeling – it is not just a word. Now YOU are reducing to Thin. Change your language to positive reinforcement of what YOU really want…… not what you don’t want.

Hypnosis is profound and ultimately life-changing in many areas of YOUR thinking and behaviours.

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