Facilitation for self change

Our Self Hypnosis Workshops are extremely successful with a number of participants providing feedback on their inner experiences and how the learning of new life techniques helped to enhance or change their lives in the areas of health,focus and courage to move forward from the past.

Accessing your skills and creating a bank of resources and tools to use in everyday life, anchoring good feelings and motivation into future plans and acting in a compelling way towards your goals, can sometimes be a tall order if you are feeling alone, confused, emotional or just plain “stuck”.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,
but the most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin

If change is moving us towards a longer life and one that is more fulfilling, how do we get there unless we have the capacities and the will to move towards it? How do we create actions that make a difference and seek out our excellence in our personal and professional life, while maintaining a sense of balance?

The abilities and potentials referred to here are consciously denied,ignored and sometimes just overlooked in everyday life.

The ability that is most useful is the ability to imagine something so vividly that it is experienced as being real. Imagination is a fantastic tool, it is virtually unlimited in its vastness and scope (just try not thinking of a pink elephant).

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