Shock and Overwhelm

Overwhelm PTSD

Is your Mind, Body or Spirit in Shock?

Shock can give us debilitating symptoms of suffering which we may experience after a real/perceived life threatening or overwhelming event, e.g. illness, relationship breakup, birth stress, invasive medical or dental procedures, accidents, job redundancy, financial issues, family and personal tragedy,etc.

Our feelings of being stuck, lost, disconnected or unable to communicate our thoughts and feelings while also feeling an inability to respond effectively in social, family, business situations or life situations can impact us for years, change our behaviours and incapacitate our mind/body connection and spiritual growth.

In my practice, over many years I have found that what seems normal, even funny or minor to some people, can be damaging or uncomfortable for another person.

Many techniques can be used to overcome these feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

Anxiety or stress response to shock can be changed! Re-establishing vital Health and Wellbeing to our bodies is reliant on the mind establishing once again, a connection to and taking ownership of all parts of the body while aligning itself to the journey of finding the real Self.

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