Emotional Health Care

At Mind Mechanics we use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnosis. Both of these are a powerful form of Psychotherapy combining cognitive therapeutic techniques with subconscious healing techniques.

Being hypnotised feels just like being very relaxed. This feeling will simply assist you to become so deeply comfortable and calm that, with a little guidance, you can begin to make the changes you want to make to your automatic behaviors and/or emotional reactions, so they become positive and you move forward towards a more happy fulfilled life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming cognitive techniques and Hypnotherapy has been used widely and successfully for many years in Australia and overseas for the relief of a number of problems and conditions.

NLP and Hypnosis is well known in the community as being effective for helping people past depression, stress, and smoking and for weight management, also powerful in many areas of life in which people experience symptoms of pain, anxiety, tension and re-living their past negative issues. – Some examples are also listed below:

Pain management

  • Stop smoking
  • Fears and phobias
  • Stress management
  • Improved memory
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sporting performance
  • Academic performance
  • Exam nerves
  • Sexual problems
  • Performance anxiety
  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Improving motivation
  • Overcoming grief
  • Overcoming insomnia
  • Pre-menstrual tension
  • Nail biting
  • Bed wetting

Gaining permanent, positive outcomes from Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy can take anywhere from two sessions to 10 sessions of therapy depending upon the complexity of the problem and the nature of the underlying subconscious beliefs that are causing or contributing to the problem. Many people move on quickly and notice changes in a few days.

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