The field of Hypnosis is moving even quicker then IT in this era of fast paced living. Managing Director/Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist Judi Chapman of Mind Mechanics says the contribution of many Master Hypnotherapist such as Dave Elman in his book originally called “Findings in Hypnosis” and then “Hypnotherapy” have today made the field more widely accepted helping many thousands of people in every country of the world.

Hypnosis is a lightning fast and amazingly effective tool in a wide range of therapies and indeed in the medical profession. Dave Elman writes that despite the efforts of scientific writers and researchers, hypnosis has been wearing a cloak of mysticism for centuries. The realisation of the potential of this field to be used in healing has in the past been damaged by misunderstanding and misinformation.

In my practice, Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are the major tools I use to move people forward from feelings that give behaviours such as performance anxiety, trauma and illness, fears and phobias, depression and so much more. Humans are complicated beings where the same or similar behaviours in one person can create completely different feelings and outcomes in another.

As a practitioner employing the tools of Clinical Hypnosis and NLP Psychotherapy, I allow the client to show me how I can facilitate their healing, as we move over the hurdle of a normal waking or sleeping state into the hypnotic state where as a hypnotic operator I can work equally with the mind and the body as a whole unit. You must experience it yourself to know the feeling of this pleasant dreaming state where when awakened, you feel refreshed and ready to move on with new resolve.

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