Re-training Life Patterns

Re-training your life patterns with NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides the tools and techniques to assist you in the workplace, socially and home environment. These tools assist in communicating effectively, develop and maintain a high level of motivation, to think positively converting obstacles and blocks into opportunities for success.
NLP can be used throughout your business,education or personal life during all stages for all ages.

Neuro– The nervous system through which our experiences are processed (what happens in your mind)
Linguistic– Relates to language and communication and how we use it internally and externally
Programming-Internal thoughts and patterns that were made as you evolved. They affect our behaviours, help to evaluate situations, solve problems and make decisions.

NLP helps you create actions to make a difference in your life

Improve your Self Image, Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Eliminate negative emotions, fearful or anxious choices, get rid of depression and move towards a much more fulfilling energetic life

Gain tools that will help you understand how you and others work. Communicate effectively and influence others with your positivity

Your first consultation with Judi is 2 hours. In this time you will be given a number of questions that will help both you and Judi ascertain what is the Desired State or outcome you wish to achieve and what is thePresent State you are in. Finding the blocks, interferences and decisions that have limited you from getting to your goals is the aim, helping to let go of present states such as anger, depression, fear, anxiety frustrations or guilt and then looking at what resources or beliefs you have or need to move you towards your desired outcome.

NLP CAN HELP IN areas such as:

  • Presentations, Speeches, Meetings or group discussions
  • Communicating with Team members
  • Interviewing or learning new information
  • Study or exams
  • Confidence and stage panache
  • Clearing stage fears, artists block
  • Health and stress Issues

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