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Hypnotherapy and Memory Improvement

Memory Improveent, Dementia, Recovery from Strokes, Recovery from Brain Surgery

The use of hypnosis can strengthen neural pathways and speed up the healing and the inter-relationship of problems of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. In cases of injury and disease the neurons adjust their activity in response to the new situation or change in their environment.

A surprising consequence of Neuroplasticity is that the brain activity associated with a given function can move to a different location, reorganising and forming new connections.

In order to reconnect, the neurons need to be stimulated through repetition and activity. Relaxation speeds up this process. Here’s where hypnosis comes in: The subconscious mind sees by ways of pictures and symbols and it doesn’t differentiate between real and imagined. When we give it an image of the brain functioning properly, neuron’s strengthening, etc., the subconscious can accept that as true and reinforce and strengthen that hypnotic suggestion through the use of recordings that are especially formulated for the particular issue. People can be empowered to take an active role in their healing by learning self hypnosis to reinforce the imagery of their body functioning properly.

Through hypnosis and left/right brain exercises recorded on CD, many people have overcome the negative effects of strokes. Neuroplasticity is a well known phenomena that can be enhanced through the power of the mind.

According to Dr. Mary Pasini, “regardless of age, your brain has the ability to make new neurons and construct new neural pathways throughout your life. When you engage in new experiences or think in novel ways, new pathways are forged. Every time you think a specific thought, a specific pathway of neurons fires up, neurotransmitters are released and synapses are subtly altered. With repetition this pathway is strengthened. Even as you read this very sentence, your brain is changing. In this way, your brain’s structure is a culmination of all the thoughts and experiences you have had up to this very moment.” Self hypnosis promotes relaxation and the deeper the relaxation, the more efficient the process of mind to muscle communication.

Judi Gurd Chapman of Mind Mechanics is a Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Master of NLP Psychotherapy. You can contact Judi at Mind Mechanics Complementary Health Clinic, Mona Vale PH: 9970 8880

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